Bad skin days and what helps

Bad skin days und was hilft

Bad hair days are well known. What is at least as bad are bad skin days!

Our Skin Repair Cream is a must-have for days like this and in this blog article we explain why.

Understanding your body's signals is an art in itself and the moment you think you've finally got the hang of it, a third eye grows on your forehead. But why?

The skin is our largest organ and should be treated with the same care as the kidneys or liver.

Environmental influences - including UV radiation, CO2 and the climate - often have a negative effect on the skin and can cause serious damage. These often show in dry, sensitive skin, pimples, blackheads and diseases such as acne or rosacea.

To protect the skin from such attacks, there is the skin barrier, which locks moisture into the skin. Regardless of whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, all skin needs to be supplied with sufficient moisture in order to regenerate and revitalize itself.

As soon as the protective skin barrier is no longer intact, the skin is much more vulnerable and unsightly irritation, inflammation, etc. can become noticeable.

It is therefore extremely important to use the right care products to promote happy, healthy skin.

Our Skin Repair Creme was specially created for skin that needs an extra portion of care and love. The rich formula contains high-quality seaweed extracts, which provide the skin with an extra amount of minerals and vitamins.

The contained Edelweiss extract - an active ingredient made out of a centuries-old flower from the alps - protects against external influences, early signs of aging and helps the skin to regenerate. The nourishing oils from shea butter, camellia, olives and mastic tree extract leave your skin velvety soft and elastic without clogging the pores.

Of course, our creams are also enriched with the unique organic membrane, which allows the active ingredients contained to be absorbed 10 times more effectively into the skin, so no milligram of the natural miracle cure is wasted.

The Skin Repair Cream can only be applied in the evening, as a revitalizing night cream, or twice a day for skin that is particularly in need of care.

After just the first application, dry areas on the face are visibly reduced and impurities and irritation have a significantly shorter healing process thanks to the high-quality active ingredients.

Enough with bad skin days and look forward to skin that cannot be irritated and is strengthened from within, thanks to the 48grams Skin Repair Cream.