Brrrr ... Do you feel that breeze too? Winter is coming. 

Brrrr…spürt ihr das auch? Der Winter naht.
The real struggle is dry, cracked skin and a dull complexion if we are being honest.

The skin's job is the one of shielding the body from the rest of the world, but this could be harder than you think if the skin itself is not adequately protected.
As time passes and temperatures decrease, less talc is produced by the skin, which means that the natural fat film on the skin is becoming thinner and thinner and sometimes ends up being completely destroyed.
This fatty film is the protective shield of our skin and without it its barrier function is affected. The results could be a cracked, flaky, itching skin or worst.

If then you decide to turn on the heating to escape the cold, the skin goes through further stresses, as the heating air produces a strong drying effect.
Entering a heated room from the outdoors also has the effect that the blood vessels in the skin open up excessively, which causes reddening. The stronger blood circulation results in further loss of moisture.

All of these are threats that cannot be completely avoided during winter; however you can certainly support your skin during this difficult time.

We'll reveal tips and tricks that John Snow would be too jealous of.
First of all, tempting as it is, avoid long, hot baths. The ideal temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius and a natural, skin-friendly bath additive that is based on oil is also good for dry skin.

You probably already know that a healthy diet is the Alpha and Omega of all. Make sure that you drink enough water and thus support the build-up of moisture in your skin. 
Use gentle cleansers that don't rid your skin of its natural oils. Aggressive (especially mechanical) peelings should also be avoided, as they can damage the skin barrier.

And last but not least: moisture, moisture, moisture! This is not only restored internally by drinking water, but also by using ad-hoc skin-care products.
Our organic cellulose membrane consists of bacterial organic cellulose, which has been enriched in its interstices with skin-like cell membrane structures. This allows active ingredients to develop their effect further, supply your skin with nutrients and strengthen the natural skin barrier. Above all, our hyaluronic organic membrane mask supports the reconstruction of the skin surface and ensures that you survive the long cold winter safely.
Say bye-bye to a rough, dull complexion and welcome a newly discovered freshness and vitality.