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  • 100% vegan and sustainable
  • Perfume-free
  • With innovative organic membrane
  • Handmade in Mallorca
  • In stock

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  • Aloe Vera Maske 3er Set: 9x
  • Hyaluron Maske 3er Set: 9x
  • Eye Pads: 7x
  • Day 'N Night Creme: 2x
  • Skin Repair Creme: 2x
  • Zusätzlich: 3x Aloe Vera Masken und 3x Hyaluron Masken

Innovation – made in Mallorca

Give your skin an incomparable break with our 48grams masks. With their
100% natural membrane, they inject the highly effective active ingredient complex with aloe
vera and hyaluronic acid into the deep layers of the skin. Make them part of your care ritual -
and make your skin glow for a long time!

The organic membrane: Our beauty secret

Wahre Innovation

48grams stands for cosmetic products that combine the latest scientific findings with the healing power of nature. Because innovation is the basis of our success: We develop highly effective products for every skin need from valuable plant-based ingredients.

Naturally beautiful

Trust in the healing power of nature, which is in each of our products: Our natural, holistic care offers you a wide variety of valuable plant ingredients that provide your skin with an extra portion of moisture and important nutrients.

Sustainable and vegan

We manufacture our products in harmony with nature, people and animals. First class organic quality is a must. We do not use animal or chemical additives or preservatives. We create cosmetics of the highest purity that pamper and nourish even sensitive skin.

<transcy>Bernd Kuhs – discoverer of our organic membrane</transcy>

The revolutionary organic membrane was developed on the Balearic island of Mallorca - the place where its discoverer and chemist Bernd Kuhs has been composing innovative natural cosmetics for years. With his team of researchers, the co-founder of 48grams put together the highly effective formula - with the best local organic ingredients.