The biggest beauty-myths – Revealed 

Die größten Beauty-Mythen enttarnt

The Biggest Beauty Myths – Revealed

We all believed these myths were true at some point. When it comes to myths regarding skin care, those faulty information and rumors can cost a lot of money and even cause serious damage. Therefore, we have compiled a list comprising the biggest beauty myths – to prevent any negative consequences for both your wallet and your skin.

1. Oily skin does not need any moisturizer
It is understandable that most people with oily skin are convinced they do not need any moisturizing products or that those might even have counter-productive effects. Yet this myth is absolutely wrong! To understand why, one needs to know that moisture and oil are two completely different things: oil encloses the moisture in our skin. Without moisture, our skin can’t preserve the natural skin barrier and ensure its regeneration – two factors that facilitate the increase of skin blemishes and premature skin aging. In order to avoid an oily complexion, it is advisable to use a hydrating cream or mask for oily or combination skin, and one that doesn’t regrease.

2. Using sunscreen only in summer
'The sun is shining, don’t forget to use sunscreen!’ – this is an advice we have all heard from our parents during a family vacation. One of the falsest beauty myths out there. You may not want to hear this, but – one should use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 50 every day, even if you don't leave the house. Why? Because the sun is always shining – unless you live in Norway – and weather conditions like a cloudy sky can even intensify UV radiation. Skin damaged by sun exposure is the number one reason for skin cancer and an apparent ageing process. Therefore, you should really consider using sunscreen every day, and even apply it more than once as the day progresses.

3. Your skin is only clean when it squeaks
Most people probably have noticed that a face is quite different from a car. After washing your car, you might touch its superfice and it is squeaky clean. This means that it is completely free from fats, dust and any kind of dirt. If the same happens with your skin, this might be a sign you cleaned it too intensely. Yes, dirt, make-up, oils and sunscreen should be cleansed away – yet you should be careful not to use any aggressive cleanser or peelings that destroy your natural skin barrier. The lesson is clear: The right balance is the key to success. Combining a gentle make-up remover or micellar water and a mild cleansing gel is enough to clean your face thoroughly and to prepare it for the following skincare routine.

4. Acne is the result of a lack of hygiene
Impurities and acne, as well as unnecessary comments from your family and friends are a living hell. Yes, impurities can be reduced by regularly cleaning and pampering your skin, yet the most common reasons why pimples, acne and larger pores emerge are:
A genetic predisposition, a lacking hormonal balance, stress and a poor diet. So, chin up – the only thing that is important is how you think of yourself!

5. The more the better
These days, several beauty brands are suggesting that you need to use several beauty products to get rid of your wrinkles, have poreless skin and for many more reasons. Yet by using too many products, you may overwhelm your skin. For some skin types, using a face cleanser and a moisturizer is enough, others may need some extra skincare steps in between. Try it out to find out what works for you.

We hope we were able to prevent you from future mispurchasing and helped you get to know your skin a little bit better!