Our secret

<transcy>Psst - our innovative organic membrane is the only one of its kind! We'll tell you our secret and why it's the key to natural beauty.</transcy>

<transcy>The organic membrane: Our beauty secret</transcy>

The secret behind the effectiveness of our products and masks? The organic membrane. Developed by our researchers, this was modeled on the body's own skin structure. Within a few days, microorganisms form a bio-cellulose, its fine membrane structure is created by the fermentation of coconut juice and aloe vera. Our experts enrich these with valuable active ingredients, peptides and lipids. The result? Our 48grams biomembrane masks with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.

Warum 48grams?

Because each of our handmade organic membrane masks weighs about 48 grams - and can therefore absorb up to 35 ml of active ingredient and pass it on to your skin. Our masks are not only 4 times heavier than conventional sheet masks, but also contain significantly more micronutrients with high availability. For relaxed, radiant, firm, smoother skin.

Warum deine Haut sie lieben wird?

Thanks to the organic membrane, our natural sheet masks imitate the human skin structure. The interaction of Mallorcan aloe vera and fresh coconut juice creates a lively, natural network. This makes each of our organic membranes unique. They nestle against yours like a second skin - which means that their nutrients and vital substances can be optimally absorbed. In contrast to conventional manufacturers, we do not rely on artificial substances - these make the skin look fresh and plumped up quickly, but damage the skin barrier and quality in the long term. Instead, we rely on the concentrated healing power of nature: With the help of fine lipids from plant cell walls, lamellae develop on our organic membrane, which resemble our skin structure. The natural active ingredients embedded in it penetrate even into the deep layers of the skin and develop their strong effect there. Short-term results that damage your skin in the long term? Belong to the past. With the innovative organic membrane, 48grams offers you an anti-aging preparation that promises visible, lasting success - and makes your natural beauty shine!

<transcy>Bernd Kuhs - the discoverer of our organic membrane</transcy>

The revolutionary organic membrane was developed on the Balearic island of Mallorca - the place where its discoverer and chemist Bernd Kuhs has been composing innovative natural cosmetics for years. With his team of researchers, the co-founder of 48grams put together the highly effective formula - with the best local organic ingredients.

Modernste Technologie trifft auf natürliche Inhaltsstoffe

The development of the luxurious St. Barth skin care line, which he also penned, followed the same principle: The latest technology meets the natural ingredients of the Caribbean blossom and plant world. Kuhs has long been fascinated by the symbiosis of technology and nature, with the latter always being the primary source of inspiration and providing the necessary ingredients. He recognized the untapped potential and the unprecedented healing power of Mother Nature - and makes this accessible to us through highly effective cosmetics. He attaches great importance to climate-friendly production that does not require animal testing, preservatives or chemicals. 'Pure nature' is not just a melodious promise for us, but the true essence of our brand.

Mallorca Vibes

Handgemachte Naturkosmetik von der sonnengeküssten Baleareninsel

In our family business, each sheet mask is made and packed by hand with a 100% natural organic membrane. The quality and originality of our products fill us with pride. Discover our natural face masks with hyaluronic acid and Mallorcan aloe vera - grown on the nutritious soil of Mallorca, spoiled by the island's sun.

Unsere Mission

48grams will revolutionize the cosmetics industry through the symbiosis of technology and nature: Our innovative organic membrane lies on your skin like a second skin. It transports high-quality nutrients and vital substances into the deepest layers of the skin and ensures the best results. Give your skin a short spa break with our organic membrane masks: mask after mask, the natural ingredients and fine structure of our sheet masks ensure healthy, beautiful skin and a self-confidence boost. 48grams - that's all it takes to feel good in your own skin!