Aloe Vera. Our base.

Bernd Kuhrs mit Aloe Vera auf Mallorca

“Queen of medicinal plants”, “nature's miracle cure”, “plant of immortality”, these definitions are all associated with aloe vera.

The first records of the use of the plant date back to 6000 years old and it appears that Cleopatra, the beauty queen par excellence, had already incorporated  the precious elixir into her beauty routine.

As a matter of fact, Aloe vera gel is one of the main components of our organic membrane masks.

Aloe Vera im Anschnitt auf dem Holztisch

But what is so special about our aloe?

Firstly, we use the so-called Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, which is by far the richest type of aloe that can be found. Their high acemannan (also aloverose) content exceeds that of its conspecifics by far. Therefore, the higher the acemannan content, the better the quality and the more active ingredients are contained in the plant.

American manufacturers praise that their plants contain an acemannan content of 700-800mg per litre, whereas our Mediterranean aloe has an unsurpassed value of approx. 1700mg / l.

Why so? Scientists believe that the reason are the high number of sunny days and the rich Mallorcan soil. During cold days in winter the plant has to protect itself, thus produces more aloverose.

Aloe Vera Abschnitt von der Pflanze

What is aloverose (acemannan) actually good for?

Aloverose is produced by the plant to protect itself from bacteria and viruses. The same process happens when applied to the skin. The essential oils in the active ingredient have an anti-inflammatory effect, glycosides and saponins have an antiseptic and cleansing effect.

Countless vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium penetrate in the deeper layers of the skin through the lignin (a plant-based molecule) contained in the juice.

In addition, the use of aloe vera gel accelerates cell division in the skin. For this reason, aloe vera gel is also very popular in medicine.

All these characteristics make a real miracle cure for blemishes, acne, puffiness, dry skin, and wrinkles out of the wonder plant.
Thanks to the careful hand-harvest, the subsequent gentle processing, and the avoidance of pesticides, we can guarantee that our organic membrane masks are produced with the best aloe vera gel available.