Mallorca - Home of 48grams

Mallorca – Geburtsstätte von 48grams

Hola and a warm welcome to Mallorca, the island of sun, palm trees, relaxation and of course: the origin of our brand 48grams.

With its multitude of tiny bays, turquoise water and idyllic stretches of land, Mallorca is one of the most popular travel destinations.

Also Bernd Kuhs, our skin expert, has been enchanted by the beautiful nature and the warmth that Mallorca offers. He has been living in the Mediterranean for quite a long time. The island with all it has to offer inspired tremendously. As a matter of fact, he came up with the idea to create products based on the combination of technological innovation and active ingredients of nature. He is based between aloe plantations, lavender fields and the chirping of crickets which he shares with his wife and dog.

That is where Mr. Kuhs found his unique interaction between nature and technology which makes 48grams masks so extraordinary.
Sadly, not everyone lives on a Balearic island but we wanted to provide you a tiny piece of this warmth and relaxation from Mallorca.