Rough Night? Hangover? Dehydrated?

Hangover Spa Erholung mit Freunden

The aloe organic membrane mask - a real hangover remedy

Who doesn't know the feeling?
You wake up in the morning after a short, sleepless night; or you step off the plane after a long journey - your skin is dry and tight.
No matter how much water you drink, you feel like you've run across the Sahara and your swollen eyes don't seem to recover any time soon.
You look in the mirror and you encounter a puffy, dull face. Great, everyone will probably be able to guess what you were up to last night.
The reason for this swelling is the accumulation of water in the tissue. These often occurs due to a lack of sleep, drinking booze, or after eating a lot of salty foods.

Our ritual helps!

Follow these 6 steps - and get the radiant, bright glow you desire.

Aloe Vera Masken Spa Ritual

1. Wash your face with a deep cleansing gel to get rid of the last bits of makeup and stubborn dirt. In order to achieve the best possible effect, we need a clean base.

2. Thoroughly dry your skin with a clean towel.

3. Take the aloe organic membrane Mask out of its packaging, place it on your face and enjoy the immediate cooling effect.

4. The most important point: Relax! Take the time for yourself and your very own Spa moment.

5. After about 20 minutes, grab a jade roller, gua sha stone, or just a spoon and massage your face with it.

Our professional tip: Put them in the freezer for a few minutes beforehand and let the cold of the little tools perform miracles on your skin.

6. Take off the mask and admire your transformed skin!

Especially after drinking or a long-distance flight, your skin needs an extra portion of moisture and vitamins.
With the healing and soothing active ingredient complex of Mallorcan aloe, even the deepest layers of skin are supplied with the moisture they need. You can leave our organic membrane mask on your skin for up to 90 minutes and enjoy its cooling effect. As a result, swelling will be reduced immediately.
Our aloe organic membrane mask leaves every skin radiant, fresh and plump.

Recovery and deep relaxation are guaranteed with our ritual!

Maske in Anwendung auf dem GesichtAloe Vera Maske Verpackung im Wasser